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Sharp to release around-the-neck wireless speaker


Sharp will release a new wearable Bluetooth speaker Aquos Sound Partner AN-SS1 on Nov 17. These wireless speakers deliver sound close to the ears without the need for earbuds.

Unlike conventional headphones, this new speaker allows users to listen to music while also being capable of hearing surrounding background sounds. It weighs a lightweight 88 grams, and is perfect for wearing while cooking, walking around, or even when watching TV.

Comes in black, white and blue.    

Price: 14,990 yen

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I think this is a terrible idea. It's going to encourage more people to play their music where it will bother everyone around them when they should be using headphones. The main times you'd need a wearable speaker (as opposed to a standard speaker) are the times that you're going to be on the move in public. At home or at an event you can set up regular speakers easily.

is perfect for wearing while cooking, walking around, or even when watching TV.

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I can understand the appeal of not using uncomfortable earbuds. Can't see it being acceptable on commuter trains, though.

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If not earbuds or big headphones, use bone conduction headphones so as not to bother people around ya:


Bone conduction headphones have become increasingly popular in the music industry. What has been incorporated into the hearing healthcare industry for many years is now being utilized in the music media industry as a different way to listen.

In 2008, Audio Bone become one of the first mainstream bone conduction headphones to enter the sports headphones scene. They claimed equivalent sound quality while also allowing the user to hear ambient noises since the headphone didn’t actually cover any part of the ear. This technology has become increasingly popular among the every growing headphone community, particularly runners or cyclists who want both music and exposure to ambient sound (i.e. cars driving by) for safety.

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"At home or at an event you can set up regular speakers easily."

I bought the Bose version for my family to use and these are great. These are a lot more convenient to use around the house than either speakers or headphones. My wife puts on podcasts and goes about her work or whatever she's doing. Because they are nearfield, I don't have to listen to her podcasts blaring over speakers. They are comfortable to wear, and she can move from room to room (the range is good enough that she can leave the phone on the same floor). She can go outside too to work on the garden or whatever landscaping thing she's working on.  Sometimes I borrow it to use while I'm washing the car or out in the garage working on things. Doesn't bother the neighbours.

These fill a need that you want personal sound but not as personal as headphones. Of course, you have to evaluate whether this fits any kind of need for you, but we found it very nice to use....so much so that I'm thinking of getting a second set.

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