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It's an awful feeling to keep leather shoes on all day in the summertime. Thanko could be your savior with their new product: the USB Sokai Shoes Cooler.

The USB Sokai Shoes Cooler is designed to eliminate stuffiness inside your shoes. Sokai means refreshment in Japanese.

The horseshoe-shaped USB Sokai Shoes Cooler can be hitched to the front side of a shoe. The built-in USB fan sends fresh air to the inside of the shoe and helps prevent the inside from getting too humid. Since the fan is USB-powered, you can use USB Sokai Shoes Cooler anytime and anywhere you have a PC or portable battery.

It can also be used for your body by wearing it around your neck. Price ¥1,980 Size: 48x72x33mm Weight: 50g

Source: Thanko via AkihabaraNews

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Why aren't yukata and sensible open-toed geta used for standard business dress in summer? It would revive tradition and be comfortable.

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Sandals no good?

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This is beyond ridiculous. If it's that hot, wear the appropriate shoes.

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I hope that some people will not mistake these for cameras.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Some things about Japan really worry me.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

@philly1 Like a lot of things in Japan it's a hangover from the Meiji period which led to a pervasive belief that formal western clothing is the superior formal wear even when wearing it is borderline masochistic (which tends to define the Japanese salaryman mindset anyway). I think it'll take another 10-20 years before the average Japanese realize just how globally respected traditional Japanese garbs really are before they change and even then I think pro-Japanese countries like Australia, US and the UK will be swapping out their penguin suits for breezy yukatas and thongs before the Japanese do. Wouldn't that be a funny reversal from a century ago.

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