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Show off your Studio Ghibli love with 'Princess Mononoke' jackets

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By grape Japan

Donguri Kyowakoku's GBL series of Studio Ghibli-themed of vintage sukajan delighted fans of Japanese fashion and and the beloved animation studio when they were first released, and its sure to do the same with the latest entry in the series -- "Princess Mononoke" motif reversible sukajan jackets.

Sukajan resemble vintage Letterman jackets or even baseball jackets, and are typically embroidered with imagery such as tigers, dragons, or even cherry blossoms. While there are a variety of theories behind their naming, one popular belief is that the name is short for "Yokosuka Jumper", and were originally souvenirs enjoyed by American soldiers in Japan.



The reversible jackets feature embroidered artwork of Princess Mononoke, The Forest God, the wolf god Moro, and parasitic Ashitaka arm.


The jackets will go on sale on Aug 31st at Donguri Kyowakoku's online site for 36,800 yen.

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Are these for guys? I might want one.

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