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Silent strings


Designed to meet the needs of the professional performer playing diverse styles, these 4 & 5 string violins from Yamaha establish a new benchmark for sound quality and player comfort. An innovative dual pick-up bridge allows the performer to blend the tone from an edgy electric to a rich acoustic sound. An external control box reduces the weight of the violin to 500 grams, roughly the same as a traditional acoustic violin.

It is the first silent violin with unique hollow-body design; the spruce top & maple back create a resonant chamber under bridge.

157,500 yen.

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Love the design, but you'd think they'd at least mention the name of the manufacturer so someone interested could go and look for one.

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It's a Yamaha - they make the Silent violin ~ Bass series.

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It is nice but if we keep going into this direction their will be no physical musical instruments which i love the sound of it i still do love eletronical but still....

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They should never fiddle with the violin.

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Cute..never fiddle with the violin.. in some way I agree but then again the everything evolves in time it is inevitable..I think it would be lovely to hear this new silent violin to be played..

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@sk4ek...there is even a link under the pic..it is Japanese..maybe you understand it though..i would need to translate it..=(

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Ok i went to the first vid. they have and I heard this violin it is amazing..in the vid. the music is being played by: Toshihiro Nakanishi...

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