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Sleepy Shiba inu and cat back straightening pillows want to adorably fix your posture

By grape Japan

Japan has no shortage of cute and quirky arm rests for those who spend a lot of time at their keyboard, with Psyducksleeping otter, and salaryman boss Frieza PC cushion companions available.

Oddity shop and bookstore Village Vanguard is now adding back-straightening wrinkle to PC cushions with their latest release--sleepy shiba inu and cat huggy pillows that are meant to improve posture at your computer.

The pillows come in two varieties, a cat and a shiba inu, and both look like they could use some sleep. While they don't have any particular function that improves your posture, Village Vanguard says that these particularly round huggy pillows can help keep your back straight when seated on your lap.

Both are available from Village Vanguard's online store for 3,080 yen.

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While they don't have any particular function that improves your posture

Thanks for being honest. I clicked it just because I was wondering how could it be possible !!

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I would love a shiba inu pillow. How do you order one if you are from the US?

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