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Sliding foldable Bluetooth keyboard


Elecom has developed a new foldable Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard, featuring a sliding mechanism for smooth opening and closing, in a compact design that is handy for carrying around.

The TK-FBP038SV is a Bluetooth 3.0 compatible, compact wireless keyboard; stylishly designed with a high quality feel, featuring a beautiful silver body with a hairline finish. This foldable keyboard is not only handy for carrying around, but it also features a sliding mechanism that allows you to open and close it smoothly.

It has a built-in “input mode switch key” that allows you to input text comfortably using a Japanese layout with a Windows PC or PlayStation3, or an English layout with an iPhone or iPad. With this handy product, you can switch between Japanese and English input modes at the touch of one button, giving you the ability to use multiple devices such as a Windows PC, PlayStation3, and iPhone/iPad, all with just one keyboard.

When using the keyboard in English layout mode, you can use its special function keys which include built-in functionality for the home button on the iPad and iPhone, and for playing music on iTunes. It uses pantograph keys which is the same key type as used in many notebook PCs, featuring thin key tops with a 2.0mm key stroke that provides comfortable and reliable key presses. This compact device features a key pitch of 16.5mm, offering easy typing and comfortable text input.

It supports Bluetooth 3.0 so it can be used with a PC, smartphone and iPhone/iPad with HID profile support, without the need to use a separate receiver; simply press the Connect button to establish a pairing straight away. It can be used on non-magnetic surfaces, such as wooden desks, at distances of up to approximately 10m; and even on magnetic surfaces, such as steel desks, up to approximately 3 meters.

It has a battery life indicator that blinks to alert you when it is time to change the batteries. Additionally, it has an automatic power switch that automatically turns the power ON when you open the keyboard, and OFF when you close it, preventing the battery from becoming depleted when not in use.

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How about a picture of if folded? It looks like an ordinary keyboard to me.

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@Simp: I agree. Usually Japan Today has a lack of pictures...

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It's not that hard to right click over "foldable Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard" and get as many pictures as you like courtesy of your favourite search engine.

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at a time when they may give Apple the following year on the market keyboard that will work on the acoustic voice commands

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