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Slow juicer for more nutritious fresh juice


Making your own fresh juice or smoothie has been fashionably popular in Japan, especially for women who are interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Sharp's new HEALSIO Juicepresso (EJ-CP10B) uses the “Slow-speed compression squeezing method” which makes more nutritious fresh juice compared with traditional juicers using the “High-speed centrifugation method”.

Juice made with Juicepresso contains double the amount of pectin which regulates the functions of the intestines and reduces cholesterol, and contains 17% more folic acid which helps with anemia.

It’s also designed for easy clean up and can be used to make soup.

On sale April 23.

Price: TBD Size: 150mm x 194mm x 435mm Weight: 4.8kg Length of cord: 1.4m Accessories: 2 juice cups, juice cap, brush for cleaning up, recipe booklet

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Why not just eat the fruit? What is the point of this?

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Yes, all research supports that eating whole raw fruits veggies is preferable health wise, not to mention ease of consumption.

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great, good quality juicers are soo expensive that I cant afford to get back into juicing....omega brand ones are over $400....though i know from experience it is worth the investment

the point is WilliB that you can either eat 1lb of fruit or drink the juice in one glass. most of the fibre is removed,fibre slows down absorption and you cant handle 1lb of fibre in one hit. but one glass of high quality juice means higher concentration of enzymes,minerals etc and a better therapeutic effect. most juicers dont produce good enough juice.

I just hope the pricing is good

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the point is WilliB that you can either eat 1lb of fruit or drink the juice in one glass

Right on. Try sitting down and eating around 8 raw carrots. There is an amazing amount of nutritional value from a glass of raw vegetable juice.

We purchased a very inexpensive model (less than US $80) that we've been very happy with. I wonder if if the Sharp model extracts juices well from high-fiber stuff like kale and ginger. If so, it will be worth looking into.

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There are many similar slow juicers on the market that are cheaper than the Sharp one. Try googling "Juicepresso". The Sharp version is over $400 on Amazon.

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The bogus health claims in this country are out of control.

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look into the Gerson therapy..its based on juicing and gives kick ass benefits

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Thanks for the tip, tokyocrawler. I'll check that out.

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Or just look for the Korean company's "Hurom Slow Juicer" that Sharp copied to make this more expensive version of. I have a Hurom that I bought on Rakuten last year. Love it. The quality and colour of juice that comes out of this thing will make you never want to buy anything sold in a bottle again. It was a little pricey but certainly not $400. Not only that, the company I got it from threw in a whole bunch of ohmake- a big box of carrots and apples, some kind of organic powder for cleaning fruit, and bags specially designed for keeping produce fresher longer! It was a great deal!

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