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Smartpets from Bandai


The latest gizmo from Bandai is the smartpet, a robot dog that uses an iPhone or iPod touch as its head. Once it is attached to an iPhone, the screen can show up to 100 dog facial expressions. An app allows the smartpet to recognize the owner's face, voice and mannerisms via the iPhone camera. On sale April 28. Open pricing.

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I have a few question

do you have to clean up the "cyber Poop?"

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"100 dog facial expressions"

Dogs don't have 100 facial expressions. Dogs have 3 facial expressions -

"I'm happy"

"I'm pissed"

"What's going on?"

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^ you missed im hungry ... or is that im pissed? hehe

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Here's a great app that's guaranteed to bore you after five minutes.

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Great! Just as long as it doesn't piss on the floor, I'm in.

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Does it come with a charger lead?

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In a world with Full HD 3D Blueray, here we have a dog with a monochrome 2D face. Gonna sell like hotcakes.

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