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Snorlax Bead Sofa is cozy living room furniture every Pokemon fan needs

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

People often overlook just how versatile the Pokemon franchise is. Most of the attention goes to the decades-long consistently popular anime and video game series, but Pokémon can count successes in the toy, collectible card game, and even restaurant industries.

And now the franchise is set to take over the furniture field, or at least our living rooms.


▼ Snorlax furniture is so awesome that your home’s lesser furnishings have to appear before it and formally offer their allegiance.


Snorlax, or Kabigon, as he’s called here in Japan, serves as the adorable muse for Japanese furniture maker Takamine’s new Snorlax Bead Sofa. Granted, with the sitting area measuring 36 centimeters in width, it’s really more of a chair than a sofa, but that just means that you’ll have the sleepy Pocket Monster all to yourself.


Takamine says the chair’s stuffing is pillow-soft, making each sitting session feel like a marshmallow hug from Snorlax himself. At the same time, though, it’s been designed so as to provide plenty of support for your back and legs, and the manufacturer promises ample stability, something that’s often lacking in less-structured bean bag chairs.


While the in-universe Snorlax is so hefty his weight is a recurring roadway-blocking plot device, the Snorlax Bead Sofa is just 9.7 kilograms, which means scooting it out of the way when vacuuming won’t be such a hassle that it requires its own side quest. Speaking of tidying up, both the chair and ottoman covers are removable and machine washable.

Takamine is selling both items through its online store on Rakuten, with the Snorlax Bead Sofa alone costing 24,800 yen (orders here), the Poke Ball Ottoman 9,799 yen (here), or the combo set for 34,599 yen (here). Oh, and when you’re ready to make like Snorlax and go from lounging to full-on sleeping, this is definitely the bed you’ll want to do so in.

Source: Rakuten/Takamine via Twitter/@_mato

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