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Sony revamps Blu-ray Disc recorders


Sony is revamping its Blu-ray disc recorders. Excluding the top-of-the-range model, 4 out of 5 products have been modified. The remote control has been upgraded and can be used for competitors’ products. The new models feature Blu-ray and high definition, and the recording time has been extended with the new HDD. Sony aims to further sales growth by promoting the ease in use.

Products to be released include the BDZ-RX105, with 2 digital high definition tuners and 1TB capacity HDD as well as the BDZ-RS15, with 1 tuner, 320 GB HDD. Retail price is expected to be between 85,000-160,000 yen, costing 15,000-30,000 yen less than the current models.

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funny they don't come with the flashing 12:00 clock anymore...

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Still an over-priced toy.

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I've seen these blu-ray recorders in the Tokyo electronics stores, but can you record from discs and tv in hd? In the U.S., cable company and store bought recorders allow hd recording onto hdd but only in s-video to discs. Very paranoid here.

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Yes with most recorders out here you can record to blueray in HD, however you are restricted in the number of times you can make a copy (believe 10 times in general).

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I have a newer Sony HD BR player but it will only let you record the movie from TV one time onto the HDD and you cannot record onto a BR disc after that so what is the use of a BR recorder if you can't record anything onto it ?

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Thanks for the info. I had a suspicion Sony wouldn't allow too much freedom when recording.

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And Toshiba's new HDD DVD machines have as many as SIX tuners (2 each for terrestrial, BS, and cable) AND let you dump recorded programs from external hard disk drives (connected to the tv) to BR disks in HD.

Think I'll stick w/Toshiba on this one.

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revamp the prices a little more please

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These blank 25Gb Blu-Ray discs are $5-20+ each. -Not cheap enough yet.

=better off converting BR video into something else and jamming it on a 4.7GB disc or hard-drive. +a good upconverter DVD player is almost as good as HD-DVD or Blu-Ray resolution anyway.

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