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Soundproof isolation boxes double down on peace of mind for work from home

By grape Japan

With many working from home as a countermeasure against the spread of the novel coronavirus, Japanese manufacturers are taking notice and providing extra isolation methods so that people can not only practice social distancing, but also focus more on their work--as seen with a recently released privacy tent and bar.

Japanese soundproofing specialist Pia Living is now releasing a product called the Otegaroom, which is a portmanteau of the Japanese otegaru (easy, handy) and "room". The Otegaroom is a one-person isolation box that is functions as a completely soundproof booth for those who want to work in peace and quiet--as well as play music or video games.



The Otegaroom is equipped with LED lighting, extension cord slots, a small desk, and most importantly, sound insulation material fixed in between between the sound absorbing material of the box's walls. This keeps sound from getting in or out of the room, estimated to be up to the volume of roughly 15 decibels. Weighing in at just 50 kg, the Otegaroom is also a very easy installation.

The Otegaroom (available in both "Antique White" and "Bitter Brown") and can be ordered from Pia Living and Rakuten for 180,000 yen.

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Additional room without extra air conditioning, how can they expect someone to survive during summer inside? Also this box will take additional room inside people house that already having limited space. While expecting people to work in small phone booth like that.

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I fully understand that some people may have a very poor environment in for working at home, something they never expected to do.

If the problem is just sound, noise cancelling headphones alone may do a job. If its a visual issue, a partition can be made of any barrier.

Note that many Japanese homes are open plan and use sliding doors, both of which are poor for sound privacy.

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Hmmm...same size as the restroom at home. 何かトイレの場所と同じ大きさ。

For those who wanted to focus on work it's been a tough 2020 for those who became teleworkers. Especially those with kids during the soft lockdown.

But for those who wanted to be home with family it this situation provided them more family time while still being able to work without wearing business attire all day long AND not have to be packed like a sardine during rush hour every morning.

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180000 yen for 15db noise reduction? My 100 yen ear plugs give me 30db. . Lol

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