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Spicy noodles


These cup noodles can be prepared in the microwave or with hot water. For microwave preparation, just add water and cook for three minutes. Just in time for spring, the spicy noodles come in taco and tomyam kung flavors. 170 yen.

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I like spicy noodles. For a good salaryman, eating ramen can save time, but for more well-prepared meals, a family can be together. A bank is a safebox for a monthly deposit and daily purchase transaction. Credit card payments or cash are available at convenient stores where those convenient ramen are sold as well as other ready-to-eat boxed foods. Watching a romantic movie and eating ramen sometimes work for people. He and she can do that. 170 Yen x 1 million cups = 170 million Yen, One Tokyo area may consume more than 500,000 units a day to generate at least 80 million Yen or more from all convenient stores and small grocery stores. I like to eat those spicy noodles now. 365 days a years for 10 years, the total number of 3650 cups or 650,000 Yen or more. A typical salaryman can earn 200,000 Yen to 600,000 Yen a month to generate the total annual income of 2.4 million Yen to 7.2 million Yen. Eating install noodle can save a lot of money during a lifetime and save time too. One for you and another for me, let's say OK now!

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Taco flavor ? So it's like eating wet taco ?

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So you get paid to promote noodles, right jobseeker? I think you better find a nicer job.

Nobody in their right mind would eat instant noodles every day for a whole year. They are full of preservatives.

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jobseeker - the amount of salt in these is pretty high my friend - I'm not sure eating them every day for 10 years is the wisest thing to do! When I first came to Japan, times were tough and I lived on these, gotta say my health was not thankful after a few months of that...

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