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SpotCam Mibo is a pet camera specifically designed for pets. Image: PR Newswire
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SpotCam launches new cloud pet camera


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My cat can open doors and understand several words but I don’t think he could operate on his cam-his paws are too small

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…that creates time-lapse videos of your fur baby automatically…

”Fur baby”? Has Japanese society declined to the point that dogs and cats are equated with human babies?

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I am sure no one needs this. I read the article, but it makes zero sense.

It's a dog. It's a cat.

See them when you get home.

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I find it worrying that no mention is done in the article about how the data and the camera is secured. In view of several incidents where cameras (and their online storage) have been found insecure and letting bad actors access to recordings I would have though companies would make security one of the selling points in their promotion materials.

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I’d be most upset if others viewed my Kitty without permission…

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