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Stainless-steel supported cushion


This stainless-steel supported cushion from MLJ can be placed on a car seat to protect infant passengers. The cushion relieves pressure on the infant’s abdomen, compared to a standard seat belt, and creates a shock-reducing buffer zone for the child in case of an accident. The cushion is similar to seat cushions found on highway buses and in airplanes, creating a comfortable ride for the child, even for long-haul trips. Priced at 15,750 yen.

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I can see a car handle there. Why is a cushion for a child placed on a drivers seat?

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Is this to be used in conjunction with a seatbelt? If so, how? The article doesn't make it clear.

As for protecting infants, Some proper driver education on the risk of having your toddler stood playing in the passenger seat/on the passenger's lap sans seatbelt, plus some proper enforcement from police might help. For a country with such a declining birthrate, I'm shocked at what I so often see.

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Hard to see how that does any of the things the advert I mean article says it does. How about a picture of a child actually using it, so that we can see exactly how it relieves pressure and creates a buffer zone?

And it does seem strange to model an item intended for use by infants in the driver's seat.

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is this for infants who drive????

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So, I want to buy this. But what company makes it? More details please!

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Did JapanToday use google translate to translate this article?

After watching the Youtube video (with no sound on), my guess is that this is to protect the unborn fetus by keeping lower part of seat belt away from the mothers stomach.

JT, do over , do right.

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JT: And now a word from our sponsors

Japan never wants to admit when their products are inferior.

European car makers have already figured out the child-seat problem. They use an ISOFIX carseat. The base connects directly to the frame of the car making it not only easier to connect but much much more reliable than trying to wrap your seatbelt around the seat.

From the horse's mouth: Many new cars now have ISOFIX points built into them, however it is not yet mandatory and some new vehicles may not have them. New types of vehicles must be fitted with ISOFix points from November 2012 and all new vehicles must be fitted with it from November 2014. This will not apply to cars with only one row of seats, which will not be required to have ISOFIX

They're trying to sell this as fast as they can. The clock is ticking and these guys don't have a product yet that can compete with ISOFix car seats. Buy at your own risk..

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You are probably right, however article is not about a Child seat, it is a seat for pregnant mothers. (see my comment above).

Also regarding child seats. I think in Japan, them main problem seems to be that many parents are just not using them.

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Infants are by definition babies between birth to 1 year. They've not yet begun to walk or talk very much. This product does absolutely nothing advertized for a child that age. These children should be in a properly installed child seat which will secure them safely.

I'm sorry but this is a load of bull biscuits you've put up there, JT. A major rewrite might really be in order here especially in light of what SquidBert has said about the youtube video.

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It makes more sense if you read my comments. This is not for babies, but for pregnant woment.

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Well JT, you got me with the old translated article trick. I fell for it. I do know my stuff about child seats though.

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Also explains why it is in the drivers seat.

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I read what you wrote and you made it much clearer thus the "especially in light of what SquidBert has said" in my comment (and a big thank you as well for actually watching the video). The problem is that the advert/article doesn't stand on its own and needs a rewrite.

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That'll teach me to read the whole comment before answering :-)

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Not a problem :-) And thanks again for having a look at the video.

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