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Starbucks Discoveries


In 2005, Starbucks started a relationship with Suntory for Discoveries, a chilled cup coffee sold in convenience stores. The latest flavor is White Mocha With Marron, which uses espresso roast coffee beans, white chocolate and marron (chestnuts).

The 200-ml cup comes in four designs for the Christmas season and is on sale all over Japan, except Okinawa, for 210 yen.

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Can't understand why anybody would drink ice coffee in this freezing weather unless it is to get kcal171. Would make more sense to sell it in Okinawa. Anyway, Let's Merry!

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No, but honestly Starbucks...I can already see all those cute Japanese girls going to Hawaii for Xmas and saying to everybody 'Let's Merry' which will be completely misunderstood by the local blokes and the crime rate, which is already at 27.5%, will be skyrocketing this season. Please stop that campaign for the safety of everybody.

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It probably tastes similar to all the other brown muck concocotions which are made by grinding up loads of brown crayons, adding tons of sugar and a couple of molecules of coffee essence plus water. No indication of the mega calories it must contain. Its probable that 2-3 of those would supply the daily calorific intake for some of the skiiny girls around.

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Gave up on SB ages ago. The amount of sugar in those drinks make me sick. If forced to go, I usually get herbal tea.

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Haven't tried that one, but the other ones aren't that bad... As a heavy coffee drinking swede i kinda support SB and their quest to caffinate the world.

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