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Starbucks Japan’s new Valentine’s Day Frappuccino is saucy nod to Japanese tradition

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By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

With Christmas and New Year’s now over for another year, the next big holiday on the horizon at Starbucks is Valentine’s Day.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate, with women traditionally gifting pretty much everyone they know with the sweet stuff, so it’s fitting that the first drink Starbucks has announced for the celebrations is the Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino.

Inspired by chocolate fondants — soft-centered chocolate cakes with a gooey middle — the new release comes in cold and hot versions.

The cold Frappuccino contains a thick “baked chocolate” sauce at the bottom to mimic the ooze at the center of the cake, and on top of that is a base made with a blend of dark mocha powder, milk, ice and an original gateau chocolate sauce.

Topped with whipped cream, gateau chocolate crumbs, and baked chocolate sauce, this beverage is designed to replicate the texture and flavour of a chocolate fondant, so you can feel like you’re drinking the dessert with every sip.

The warm drink joining the Frappuccino for this year’s romantic celebrations is the Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha, which uses the same topping as the Frappuccino, but offers a different flavor profile with a mixture of espresso, chocolate sauce and warm almond milk.

The Fondant Chocolat Frappuccino will be available in a tall size only, from 678 yen for takeout customers, while the Fondant Chocolat Almond Milk Mocha will be available in Short through to Venti sizes, priced from 540-680 yen.

The coffeehouse chain says this is the first release for Valentine’s Day, suggesting they may have another one waiting in the wings for us, like they did in 2021, but for now, the Fondant Chocolat drinks will be on the menu from Jan 18 to Feb 14.

Source: Starbucks Japan

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