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Starbucks Japan reveals 2nd sakura Frappuccino for cherry blossom season

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By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

It’s still technically winter here in Japan, but at Starbucks the cherry blossoms are already in full bloom following the release of the chain’s first Sakura Frappuccino for 2020 earlier this month.

Now it’s time to welcome a new sakura-flavored beverage to the hanami party, with the arrival of Starbucks’ second limited-edition beverage of the season, and this one combines the flavors of the cherry fruit with the cherry blossoms.

Called the “Sakura Sakuranbo Frappuccino“, which translates to “Sakura Cherry Frappuccino“, the new drink contains real cherry pulp, which has been blended into a sauce to provide a bittersweet flavor to the mix. When combined with the sakura-flavored milk base, which has been infused with a hint of strawberry, the result is said to be a delightful combination of tart, sweet, creamy and refreshing notes.

According to Starbucks, the fact that both cherries and sakura are classified as Rosaceae — the rose family of flowering plants — makes them the perfect partners for a beverage designed to enliven the tastebuds upon the very first sip. And while the combination is said to taste divine, it’ll look gorgeous too, as the drink will be served in a cup adorned with cherry blossoms and topped off with a sprinkling of pink, white, and blue sugar-coated roasted rice pieces, which are said to resemble confetti.

The Sakura Sakuranbo Frappuccino will be sold in a Tall size only for 590 yen.

Even if customers don’t purchase the new Frappuccino, they’ll be able to add a touch of sakura to their ordinary Starbucks’ drinks with a free “sakura topping” available for a limited time. The topping contains light and dark pink pieces made from roasted rice and dried cranberries, which are designed to make your drink look as if it’s been showered with falling sakura petals.


The free topping option and the Sakura Sakuranbo Frappuccino will be available at Starbucks locations around Japan for a limited time from Feb 26 - March 12. So mark your calendars alongside the sakura forecast schedule, grab a spot under one of the trees at the country’s famous hanami locations, and enjoy the taste of cherries with your cherry blossoms before they disappear with the petals for yet another year.

Source: Starbucks Japan

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