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Starbucks Japan reveals triple chocolate Valentine’s Day drinks for romance season 2022

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Valentine’s Day in Japan is one big chocolate-gifting session, so it makes sense that any seasonal treats released at this time will be a chocoholic’s dream.

One coffee shop sure to get in on the romantic festivities is Starbucks. They have become known for their various, limited-time-only beverages, which celebrate different holidays and occasions. The Valentine's Day offerings for this year have just been revealed, and the lineup includes not just one, but three chocolate-filled delights.

The first drink is a Triple Nama Chocolate Frappuccino. Nama chocolate is a mix of chocolate and cream, like the rich and velvety filling of a truffle, a fitting flavor for Valentine's Day. This super chocolatey beverage even looks perfect for the season with a gradient of chocolate created by the different components. There’s nama chocolate whipped cream, a chocolate base, and nama chocolate sauce.

Photo: Starbucks Japan

If triple chocolate seems a bit full on, there’s also the Double Nama Chocolate Mocha. This one’s a hot option, a nice choice for the current chilly weather. The chocolate works in harmony with the espresso, steamed milk and nama chocolate whipped cream. The drink is finished off with chocolate flakes and chocolate sauce.

The chocofest doesn’t stop there, as the final drink is a Baked & Creamy Nama White Chocolate Frappuccino. The beverage combines white nama chocolate and baked white chocolate. To bring out the sweetness even more, the white chocolate sauce contains coffee as an extra ingredient.

Photo: Starbucks Japan

The Triple Nama Chocolate Frappuccino and Double Nama Chocolate Mocha are currently on sale, while the Baked & Creamy Nama White Chocolate Frappuccino will appear from Jan 26. The whole lot will be around until Feb 14 in branches of Starbucks all over Japan.

Source: Starbucks Japan

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I wish that I was in Japan to try the mocha. I think that it sounds good. :)

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