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Starbucks Japan unveils new Classic Tiramisu Frappuccino for coffee dessert lovers

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

Year after year, Starbucks customers in Japan are continually spoilt with an ever-changing lineup of limited-edition drinks, ranging from creative Christmas tree specials to calligraphy-inspired beverages and unique sakura flavor combinations.

Sometimes, though, there are classic flavors that everyone wants to try again, and one of those delights is tiramisu. Starbucks first released a white and coffee Tiramisu Frappuccino back in 2013, and customers have been trying to recreate the flavor using customised options ever since.

However, while that release added cookies and white chocolate brownie pieces to the mix, Starbucks is now bringing the flavor of tiramisu back to the Frappuccino, and this time, it’ll be walking a straight line with a version that’s more faithful to the original dessert ingredients.

The new Tiramisu Frappuccino is designed to showcase the coffee flavor that oozes from the sponge of a tiramisu dessert. To do this, Starbucks has drawn upon a classic tiramisu recipe, first baking a sponge and soaking it in coffee, and adding it to the drink with coffee syrup and a mascarpone and egg custard base.

Finished off with a whipped cream and cocoa powder topping, this drink remains true to the original dessert recipe, creating a delicious tiramisu dessert in a cup.

The Classic Tiramisu Frappuccino will be sold in a tall size only, for 590 yen plus tax, and will be available at Starbucks outlets around the country from March 20 to April 10.

Source: Starbucks Japan

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At only 590 yen ?!?!

I can have two bowls of noodles for that!

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Had an azuki-espresso at a Paris Baguette, and it was wonderful. Maybe someday Starbucks will try their hand at making those?

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Declining century old recipes with no respect for traditional high quality stuff for greedy money.

And the worst is that they are destroying an invaluable food heritage.

Who will know what is a real tiramisu after this gimmick and artificial overpriced cr4p?

I hate Starbuck.

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one place that I avoid at all costs....

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