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Stay warm with an electric 'hanten'

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During the Edo Period in Japan, most common folk wore hanten (short coats) during the colder months. The coat is padded with thick layers of cotton to trap heat and is usually lined with black sateen.

While there are vests with built-in fans and jackets with built-in heaters, why not wear something traditionally Japanese with a modern twist? The new electric hanten from Thanko acts just like jackets with built-in heaters. 

Whether you live in Japan or you’re just traveling, the garment’s novelty is something worth looking into. It’s unlike any other product on the market as it blends Japanese culture with modern-day technology. With the cooler temperatures in full swing, it might be time to invest in some new wardrobe pieces that’ll keep you warm into winter and spring. 

The hanten comes with five heating pads, three heat settings and a portable battery to keep you warm all day. Using the hanten can help cut down on your heating bills at home and it’s also machine washable. 

Available on the Thanko website for ¥8,980. 

Source: Thanko

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