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Stay warm with Thanko’s washable heater vest


While jamming multiple heat packs in your pockets or triple layering might keep you warm during winter, Thanko’s newest product will streamline your winter wardrobe. This vest has five built-in electric heaters that only take a few seconds to warm up and comes in a sleek black design.

Gone are the days of bulky winter outfits and sweating through layers of clothing since you can quickly turn this device off. The heater vest has three different heat settings, a battery life that can last up to eight hours and is expandable. Aside from enjoying outdoor activities, Thanko also recommends it for relaxing and keeping warm at home.

Sizing for this vest runs from S to 3L at ¥6,980.

Source: Thanko

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I love you Japan !!..

Please never change !!..

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I'm buying one.

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You can get these at several places. Workman, the chain of work and outdoor clothes does them, Sellers on AliExpress have them too.

If you have to do much standing around outside in winter through your job, watching sports or kids' activities etc. I'd imagine they are pretty good. The same goes for inside a freezing cold old Japanese house.

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My body's ability to keep itself warm in winter is not helped by a battery- heated coat. The battery-heated coat will weaken considerably my body's naturally assisted ability to keep warm when insulated by a goose-down or sheep-wool coat.

What will happen to me when... in the height of winter... in the coldest province in Canada... I am far away... alone... the temperature drops to minus 35 Celsius and......the battery conks out? I shall not be able to answer that question because, even if an ice statue's mouth can open,

its tongue is frozen.

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...and it seems like only last week that cooling vests with built-in fans were being advertised to keep us cool!

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