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Steam-powered floor polisher


Cleaning tool maker Karcher Japan, has released a steam-powered floor polisher. The machine employs a spray-nozzle to shoot a stream of vapor, removing stains and grime from rugs and carpets. It can also be used to clean linoleum and tiles. Cleaning takes anywhere from six to 10 minutes, the company says.

Because the cleaner uses no chemicals or solvents, the company says it's perfect for families with small children. The unit weighs about four kilograms. Open pricing.

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Sounds like the public bathrooms in Japan need to start using this.

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I hope it is as efficient as it sounds.

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It has been on the markey for years in Germany. Karcher makes very good products.

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So is it like the Shark in the US? If so then it should work pretty well.

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SteamBuggy all over again!

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Can't speak about Karcher, but Shark - ugh - mine was a dud. The steamer didn't last for four months before it broke down. Guess SK's Shark was built on a Wednesday. Mine obviously was built on a Friday or Monday.

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Wouldn't "steam-utilizing" or "steam enabled" be a better term? Steam-powered sounds like some kinda small locomotive train has jumped the tracks and is now waxing floors for a living.

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