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Stylish Italian suitcase


Italian suitcase brand Roncato's newest piece of luggage, the UNO75L, is light and strong. It weighs only 4.2 kgs and is made from polycarbonate and polypropylenelight. It has a high shock resistance and is also water resistant. The suitcase has four wheels and instead of a regular zip, has a closing system with a combination lock.

The capacity is 75 liters and size is 46 cm × 65 cm × 24 cm. It comes in seven colors. Cost: 50,400 yen.

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No Thanks If Made in China will Glitter Colors.

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stylish? it looks ordinary suitcase.

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I'll stick with my RImowa.

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I always use Samsonite. Some of mine are more than 30-years and still in great shape.

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Always wondered why the vast majority of suitcases owned by Japanese are the hard case variety.

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it looks like a giant clam.... with handles. OR.... am I just dont have a taste or something... but really look at it

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Italian suitcase brand Roncato’s newest piece of luggage

they must rephrase it to a "piece of ***" lolz

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I've found that these things with four wheels are just about impossible to keep under control on the trains...they keep wanting to roll around. Next time: two wheels...may be Samsonite, upon zichi-san's recommendation!

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