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Suction cups secure video camera to hood or side of vehicle


Thanko has released a camera mount that you can use to secure a video camera with 2 powerful suction cups on the hood, side or top of a vehicle. It allows you to make a unique video while you drive. It is designed to withstand a load of 130kg (150kg on a horizontal place) so you don’t need to worry about your valuable camera dropping off of your car.

You can use it anywhere suction cups can attach.

Price: 24,800 yen (including tax) Size: 350 x 130 x 195mm Weight: 1.8kg

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Would it hold up if you had to suddenly brake hard at high speed?

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I guess the forces involved in breaking sharply are much more than 130kg....

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Who will guarantee it won't fall off? Must be the suction cups are like those human fly types we see in movies.

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I guess the forces involved in breaking sharply are much more than 130kg

Grams are units of mass, not force.

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Driving with one of these attached to your vehicle is technically illegal as the protruding camera could cause additional injury to a pedestrian in a collision.

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Since when is this new. It's been around for years.

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Used a few rigs like this. @SimondB: Yep they certainly will. You can have two or three grown men yanking on them and the first thing to come off will be the hood of the car.

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