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Sumikko Gurashi traditional Japanese sweets

By grape Japan

Thanks to Bandai's "sweets division", a series of wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) called "Tabemasu" has made almost too-cute-to-eat desserts modeled after popular Japanese characters such as Tony Tony Chopper and Rilakuma a common sight in the chilled sweets sections of convenience stores. Now fans of the bizarrely adorable Sumikko Gurashi can take a bite out of the Tabemasu series as well with two new delightful Sumikko Gurashi-themed sweets.

Sumikko Gurashi, which translates to "living in the corner" or "corner living" are a cast of cute Japanese characters set in a world where they seek the comfort of being in a corner to relieve some of their negative outlooks on life. Two of the more popular characters are Shirokuma, a polar bear who isn't very good with the cold, and Penguin, a penguin who isn't exactly sure they are a penguin.

The two new wagashi are modeled after the two characters. The white Shirokuma is milk flavored and the Penguin wagashi is apple flavored. Both contain red bean paste on the inside.

The pair of Sumikko Gurashi sweets are on sale in the chilled sweets section of Family Marts throughout Japan, priced at 369 yen.

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