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Suntory’s new canned cocktail made specifically to taste great with fried chicken

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores devote a lot of space to canned alcoholic beverages, but not all of it is beer. Just as much real estate in the cooler cases belongs to the extensive array of canned cocktails called chuhai.

The base for chuhai is shochu, a distilled liquor usually made from rice or barley, and just about any fruit flavor is fair game to mix in. As such, most companies have a rotating lineup of seasonal flavors, but Suntory is about to release an especially unique chuhai for its Strong Zero line, called the -196°C Strong Zero Salty Lemon Exclusively for Karaage.

So what’s karaage? Japanese-style fried chicken.


Seasoned with garlic and ginger, karaage is popular with people of all ages, but it’s an especially beloved accompaniment to a few stiff drinks. Wisely reasoning that people picking up a canned chuhai to enjoy at home also often pick up some take-out karaage to go with it, Suntory has crafted its new Strong Zero to be the perfect pairing for karaage, with an especially strong lemon flavor to mimic the squeeze of fresh lemon juice that’s customarily added to karaage before eating it, plus a salty finish to accentuate the chicken’s meaty deliciousness.

-196°C Strong Zero Salty Lemon Exclusively for Karaage goes on sale Nov 26 in both 350 and 500 milliliter cans. Just remember that, like all Strong Zero flavors, they’re nine percent alcohol, so remember to pace yourself (on both the booze and bird).

Source: PR Times via Livedoor News/Gadget Tsushin via Otakomu

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That is beyond gross!

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That is beyond gross!

It sounds like regular lemon chuhai with a tough of salt. No big deal.

And, there's certainly nothing gross about karaage.

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Salty Dogs and Tequila shots. Nothing wrong with salt and booze.

My drinking days are long behind me, so two little cans of 9% and I'll be a dribbling mess. Legless for 250? yen. You can't complain. The same price as some karaage from the convenience store.

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