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Super-mini LCD video camera

By Yoriko Takahashi

A super-mini LCD video camera measuring W47xH47xD16mm and weighing only 30 grams has been released by Thanko.

You can take both still and moving images (maximum 8X zoom is possible!) and record audio sounds with this tiny square video camera. After shooting, you can check movies or photos you took with the 1.3 inch LCD screen. It comes with a neckstrap, stand, pouch, cable for battery charge, and cable for transferring data.

It also works as a motion sensing camera. When the lens detects a moving object, it starts taking a movie for 20 seconds.

All the movies and photos are saved on microSD card (sold separately) and it can be charged from a USB port.

Price: 6,980 yen OS: Windows 8.1/7 Battery: 350mAh Battery life: 2 hours

Source: AkihabaraNews

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Just what all the perverts in this country need... With everyone's phones being able to take great quality pictures and videos nowadays, I really can't see what the practical benefits of having such a small camera would be.

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In search and rescue missions, these gadgets will come in very handy.

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Commonly used in sports/outdoor activities these days. This one being so light and compact, should be a hit.

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Upskirting, obviously.

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Perv: "Thanku Thanko!"

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