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Super rapid mobile USB battery charger


When you are outside and notice that your iPhone, computer or other device is almost out of a charge, Buffalo’s new “Voltissimo” can save you. “Voltissimo” is a mobile battery that recharges smart devices very quickly. It can charge-up an iPhone fully in only 15 minutes.

There are 2 models with different battery capacities: One with 8,000mAH can fully recharge an iPhone four times on a full charge and the other one with 4,000mAH can fully recharge an iPhone two times on a full charge.

Voltissimo accommodates iPad, Android and all smartphones. Digital cameras and game devices, PCs or any device linkable through a USB port can be charged.

Voltissimo has 2 output terminals that enable charging up to 2 devices at the same time.

8,000mAH type Price: 22,260 yen (including tax) Color: black (BSMPB0180BK) and white (BSMPB0180WH) Size: 135×72×25mm Weight: 293 g Unit recharge time: 94 minutes

4,000mAH type Price: 18,060 yen (including tax) Color: black (BSMPB0140BK) and white (BSMPB0140WH) Size: 95×72×25mm Weight: 183 g Unit recharge time: 47 minutes

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Many better options have existed for years, at a fraction of the price. On (Japanese) Amazon, you can easily buy 10,000mAH batteries for less than 3,000 yen.

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You must have missed the fact that it charges an iPhone fully in just 15 minutes...

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@bence8810: Except that it doesn't. Even on Apple's own A/C charger (which doesn't have the 500 mA limit of most PC USB ports) the iPhone 4 only draws enough current to fully charge in about 2 hours. Regardless of the type and capacity, Li-ion batteries almost always take at least an hour to fully charge. Charging them more rapidly would drastically shorten the number of times a Li-ion battery can be recharged before it needs replacing.

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