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Surrender to the Dark Side


For the man of mystery, what could be more alluring than this black number that displays the date and time in a combination of colored lights? We think it bears more than a passing resemblance to Darth Vader’s get-up, lending the wearer a rather awesome Death Star chic (not something you get every day).

Sadly, it doesn’t endow you with the ability to crush your enemies by waving a clenched fist in front of them, but you can have fun pretending to, at least.

Kisai Tenmetsu Black Watch, 21,000 yen. Available from Tokyo Flash (

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That... is kind of awesome. I want one.

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They do look pretty cool, very futuristic.

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"For the man of mystery..."

Yeah, the man who prefers the current time to be a mystery. Along with the reason why anyone would pay 21,000 yen for gimmicky junk like this.

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