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Sweet dessert mochi cheese slices

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By grape Japan

Sweetened cheese slices or cubes, with flavors such as berry and chocolate are a fairly popular dessert option or snack to pair with alcohol in Japan. Now Kraft and Japanese sweets and dairy maker Morinaga Milk Industry are releasing a new "Japanese flavor" of "Mochi Mochi" cheese that uses black honey (kuromitsu) and roasted soy bean flour (kinako).

The "Kraft Mochi Mochi Kinako Cheese made with Kuromitsu" takes two ingredients commonly found paired with traditional Japanese confectionery such as mochi are often coated with kinako soy bean flour and then sweetened with a drizzle of sugary kuromitsu syrup.

While the product isn't actually a fusion of mochi and cheese ("mochi mochi" is a term used to refer to anything with the chewy and somewhat gelatinous texture of mochi), it's made to recreate the feeling of biting into a serving of the traditional Japanese sweet through cheese with use of kuromitsu, kinako, and rice flour used in mochi.

The cheesy take on traditional Japanese sweets will go on sale throughout Japan in packages of six thick slices starting March 1.

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1 Comment
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So, it is cheese or rice?

The article fails to give that information...

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