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Sweet dreams with the Disney ceiling projector


Looking for the perfect gift for your kids this holiday season? Check out the Disney-themed Good Night Home Theater that’s set to release on November 23. Made by Takara Tomy Co Ltd in collaboration with the Japan Acoustical Research Institute, this device has been in development since the 1990s. 

The home theater is made to help your kids form a bedtime routine using calming music and popular Disney characters. This renewal, aside from the ceiling projections also includes an LED light feature that includes over 13 different colors. It's perfect for gently illuminating the room as your kids go to bed.

Expect a generous variety of over 30 white noise options that you and your family can try out. 

To use the device, choose a timer function from as little as 15 minutes, and a disk containing the song you’d like to listen to. 

Buy this wallet for ¥14,960 via the online store. 

 Source: Kyodo News PR Wire

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"A generous variety of white noise"...? No, thank you.

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Disney garbage??, NO thanks..

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Get your kid to live, breathe, and dream Disney all the time! Your kids won’t even know that they’re being primed for a lifetime of Disney addiction!

Buy yours today!

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Disclaimer: I am a former Disneyland employee.

When raising my kids, I bought a bunch of those fluorescent ceiling stickers in the shape of stars and moons and planets which were easy on they eyes but gave the tots something to look at as they fell asleep. Fixed cost: couple hundred yen. Installation and running costs: Zero.

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