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Swimming goggles


The VIEW “Double-fit” swimming goggles from Tabata Co are made of soft silicone to enhance comfort. The goggles conform to the contours of the user’s face and reduce the tightness felt when wearing normal goggles. Seven colors available, currently on sale at 1,785 yen.

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rats, my goggles cost more and don't have these new features.

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rats here too. my new goggles gouge my big gaijin nose.

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Totally... Japanese goggles dont fit gaijin

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same with swimcaps.

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I just bought goggles, togs and a swimcap and they fit me just fine...

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Having donned my morning mask and goggles, I gargled, then googled Tabata and goggled. Unbelievable!

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Hmmm... they say that touching your eyes is a very common way to get the flu. Wearing these goggles in public could be as effective as wearing a mask. The tightness of ordinary goggles prevents me from doing it, but this pair just might do the trick.

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I'm a swimmer and do a mile at my local aquatic center nearly every day. By lap number 60, I can really feel the goggles that I've been using, and therefore I look forward to putting these goggles to the test.

The real test, however, is if they can really keep the water out when the swimmer pushes off during turns. And how long their water-tight qualities will last. Chlorine has a way of causing things to deteriorate rapidly, and the goggles I currently use have lasted for over 2 years.

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I've just got my Speedo goggles from home. But that's a pretty good price for Japan.

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