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Take a dip with bloody red Great White shark herbal tea

By grape Japan

We often appreciate tea time as a way to take a relaxing and delicious breather from the strain of our day, and Ocean Tea Bags provide an extra level of soothing by turning your teacups into the homes of adorable critters like tanuki and otters as well as deep sea creatures, with animal-shaped tea bags filled with rich herbal tea.

While "relaxing" might not be the first word that leaps to mind with this particular release, it's sure to be a hit with "Jaws" fans: a Great White Shark emerging from a blood red ocean of herbal tea.


The shark tea bags contain a delicious Rosehip Hibiscus tea (a blend of black tea, rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, pink pepper, chamomile, peach leaves, strawberry leaves, and rose) that turns into what you can imagine as bloody waters attached to the handcrafted predator leaping out of the ocean.



Check out the Great White Shark Ocean Tea Bags at grape SHOP.

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I...I don't think the designers of this product thought their designs through. Ever heard of Shark Week and what it refers to? Yeah...doesn't make for an appetizing tea.

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@pdb Be fair. Japan is the origin of most sharking videos.

I absolutely love their concept. Jaws droppingly good.

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