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Sportswear manufacturer Mizuno Co has developed a new line of hiking shoes called Wave Navigation that ease the mountain climbing and long distance walking experience. The shoes come in four colors (two for the men’s collection and two for women’s). Available sizes: from 24.5 cm to 28. Price is 18,900 yen.

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How do they ease climbing? Better grip? Flexibility?

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They actually start from size 22.5 in other colors though. They have rubber-shaped protrusions to grip back and forth. Wave plate with excellent cushioning and stability. Mizuno Wave plate combines unique cushioning and stability, and tightens the heel of the sole. Reduces lateral displacement and increases stability in an unstable mountain road.

Designed to have toe room, feet and shoes will fit, and enhance stability.

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Thanks Foxie! You should be writing for JT...we would actually get to know more about the product that way.

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A good product I do believe. For instead of all leather with steel shank for the use of crampoons when mountaineering amongst some of the glaciers.

The lug-like sole is like original Vibram (became avaliable after WWII from Italy) while the material of the rest of the boot would be more flexible, breath better & become a very good hiking boot to also some normal rock climbing.

To me they look ideal though with a size 10.5 or C width in North America the length along with width can be a factor. In a Mountaineer boot I use to purchase a 10.5 with D width for heavy socks. Shows times have changed.

I have a pair of Brooks sneakers with almost lug like sole, but when I need somthing to stand up to cold weather or rocks then an old pair of Italian made boots, with 5th set of Vibram soles, are what I have been using since tho 60.

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$200 for hiking shoes in Japan. Crazy. Bass Pro Shops has them on sale for Father's Day for $29.97. Prices in Japan have no relation to reality. Are these 6.5 times better?

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too heavy to walk i mean price is too high @Y79~80 about US$235? No need for me to climb that high !

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Looks like a good solid shoe. I think what they mean by ease the climbing would relate to foot comfort. when I buy my work boots I choose comfort over price because if your not comfortable your not being fully productive, After all who can work efficiently with sore feet?

How that would translate to hiking would be more padding for increased ankle support and good sole cushioning to absorb footfall shock.

I could also be totally wrong haha, But that's just my idea of interpretation of the article.

Good Day Everyone!!!

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