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Take care of your room with cat donut hybrid humidifiers

By grape Japan

Perhaps the pinnacle of creative humidifiers is somewhere between the burning Godzilla that takes care of your room with atomic breath or steaming yakisoba plates, but online retailer Village Vanguard has shown they can get pretty creative. Following up on their release of sleepy animals in hot springs humidifiers, the oddity shop is combining two of our favorite things: cats and donuts.

The small, simple, and portable humidifier is just in time for the winter season. Simply insert a 500ml PET bottle of water into the "hole" of the donut-shaped cat and let it do the rest.

The device is available in three different "breeds" from Village Vanguard in Japan for 2,750 yen.

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Useless junk

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Useless junk

My wife has to have a humidifier going in the bedroom or her nose is a disaster. I'm a desert rat who loves dry air but she craves humidity.

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We use something called a Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, which is also a coloured light changing blue-red-green. Holds a fair about of water, at least one litre or a couple of pints and can regulate the amount of steam.

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Drop a wet towel over the fins of the oil heater. 'Nuff said.

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