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The Alley launches 'Japanese Yogurt' drink series with red beans from Hokkaido

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By Ben K, grape Japan

Trendy Taiwanese boba tea shop The Alley has reopened some of its locations in Japan, adding Kobe Sannomiya to their existing locations where you can use their app to purchase and pick-up your order safely.

Alleyists have another reason to get a drink tomorrow since the reopening coincides with the Japanese launch of their "yogurt series" which has already proved popular in other Asian markets like Singapore. A healthy probiotic proven to have immune system-boosting effects, yogurt is a great choice during the pandemic, whether you're self-quarantining and getting a delivery from Uber Eats or need to work outside and want to stop by for a pick-up.

The Alley has given their series a Japanese twist with the addition of azuki red bean paste. Known in Japanese as anko 餡子 or, simply, an 餡, the paste is a staple of traditional Japanese sweets, found in everything from cakes, pancakes, bread rolls, steamed bread, sweet dumplings, and all manner of deserts.

For their Japanese Yogurt series, they used an made with Hokkaido-grown azuki beans, manufactured by the Matsubara Ann Company 株式会社松原製餡所, which has been making the delicious paste in their Kobe factory since 1947.

The series features the following three drinks, each available in medium size for 600 yen plus tax:

Yogurt and an

Simple and satisfying, their standard drink combines the refreshing taste of yogurt and the smooth flavor of an.

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Matcha, yogurt and an

The elegant bitterness of refined matcha comes together with an and yogurt for a Japanese-style original.

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White Peach Oolong tea, yogurt and an

You can enjoy the blend of fruity and sweet-scented white peach oolong tea, yogurt and an in a "teagurt" style drink.

Locations and hours

The Alley 自由が丘店 Jiyugaoka 12:00-19:00

The Alley 祐天寺店 Yuteji 12:00-19:00

The Alley 道玄坂店 Dogenzaka 11:30-19:00

The Alley 三軒茶屋店 Sangenjaya 12:00-19:00

The Alley 下北沢店 Shimokitazawa 12:00-19:00

The Alley ルミネ大宮店 Lumine Omiya 11:00-19:00

The Alley ソラマチ Solamachi 11:00-19:00

The Alley 有楽町店 Yurakucho 11:30-18:00

The Alley 秋葉原店 Akihabara 11:30-19:00

The Alley 神戸・三宮店 Kobe Sannomiya 11:30-19:00 (closed weekends and holidays)

To purchase and pick up your order hassle-free, download The Alley公式アプリ (The Alley official app) for iOS or Android.

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