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Image: Kyodo News PR Wire
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The future of nail art is here

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When you think of nail art, we’re pretty sure QR codes aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. 

Love in Nails by Paro is a collection of nail art stick-on sheets that contain QR codes that when scanned, play videos of people cheering you on. On sale from September 20, we’re pretty sure you won’t find a more technologically advanced set of nails. 

Whether you’re at work or school, you can always get an extra boost of motivation when you watch these videos. All you need to do is record a seven-second video of your favorite idol and it’ll be saved on the QR code for 35 days. The nail sheets come in three different designs that feature Japanese and Korean stickers. 

Source: Kyodo News PR Wire

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1 Comment
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I guess the "cheer" part is just the basic use and people would be more than likely to record other kinds of short videos they can show in a relatively controlled way (uses for romantic purposes or to make specific appeals come to mind). But I wonder how many people will consider acceptable to "decorate" their nails with QR codes in order to do it.

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