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The King Mini series keeps visual clutter away using miniature office organizers


If you work in Japan, handling paperwork in 2024 is still all too familiar. It can easily pile up, clutter our workspaces and add more stress.

To keep things organized, King Jim has recently released a series called King Mini to keep our smaller items and work-related stationery in check. Patterned after office stationary, it’s both stylish and functional. From miniature box files for calling cards to small toolboxes for storing memos and file clips to keep things in order, it’s a fun way to stay on top of all your paperwork and reduce clutter.


The items from the King Mini series start from ¥660.

Source: King Jim

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That will help for many point card in Japan that people have.

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I use small wooden boxes.

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Now that we can scan name cards and documents with a cell phone easily and accurately, there doesn't seem much point. Oh, I don't know. This might be a good way to store all those faxes!

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So cute and useful, I will surely buy some. Of course there are some much cheaper alternatives from 100yen stores, but these here look more professional and maybe have a higher quality. And of course there are much more uses than only business, name, bank or customer point cards. Various collector items or saving / managing cash amounts, receipts for tax filing and a lot more one can potentially do with them and bring some structure and miniaturized order back to all this nowadays' chaos the world has developed into.

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These are something I need and I can be the center of attention at the office, too. I had some organizers once. They're around here somewhere. I can't find them because my desk is so messy.

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