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The petite series from interior design shop Francfranc will help you work more comfortably

By Luke Mahoney, grape Japan

Spring is a time of change. Many people feel rejuvenated as April marks the beginning of spring. As such, it's only natural to redesign your room and workspace to reflect the new season and—as many young people in Japan experience—perhaps a new job or school term.

The interior shop "Francfranc" sells stationery and other desktop items to help consumers have a comfortable and organized workspace. Their new spring product line may be the perfect way to buckle down and begin work during the new fiscal year in Japan.

Petite series

Photo: PR Times

This series includes several items featured in the picture above.

【Petite Magazine Holder】

Holds A4 size documents and files.

Pink / Gray: 900 yen each.

【Petite Stationery Box】

A5 size notebooks and notebooks fit perfectly in this desktop box.

Pink / Gray: 1,200 yen each.

【Petite Pen Stand M】

It can also stand a notebook or binder vertically.

Pink / Gray: 1,200 yen each.

【Petite Binder】

Two-fold type with a rubber band.

Pink / Gray: 980 yen each.

【Petite Pen Stand S】

Pink / Gray: 680 yen each.

Due to its partition, it can safely store a combination of pens and reading glasses which could otherwise be easily damaged if placed side by side.

【Petite Pen Stand L】

Pink / Gray: 1,500 yen each.

In addition to holding writing utensils, small items such as smartphones and memos can be placed in the front cradle. Furthermore, A5 size notebooks and letters can be placed in the back. Even though it’s a small item, it can help prevent desktops and workspaces from becoming cluttered.

Mobile charger and notebooks

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 9.35.05.png
Photo: PR Times

【Petite Wireless Charger】

A wireless charger that charges smartphones placed on it capable of wireless charging.

Pink / Gray: 3,280 yen each.

【Petite Weekly Planner A5】

A weekly planner where consumers can keep their weekly schedule or write a to-do list.

Pink / Gray: 800 yen each.

【Petite Slim Notebook (5mm grid)】

Made in Japan, the inner paper is particularly lovely to write on.

Pink / Gray: 420 yen each.

【Petite notebook (A5 size 7mm horizontal ruled)】

Like the slim notebook, this is also made in Japan and nice to write on.

Pink / Gray: 680 yen each.

Cushion table

Photo: PR Times

Consumers can place their computers on this cushion as they work or study while relaxing on their bed or sofa. It is also great when watching a movie or doing online shopping. A plate attached to the top provides a solid and flat surface for the computer while the cushion forms to the user’s body. It can also be used as a regular cushion.

【Niage Cushion Table】

Pink / Gray: 3,980 yen each.

These items can be purchased at Francfranc stores across Japan or at the Francfranc online shop.

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