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The X (Japan) Factor


It’s been over a decade since X Japan guitarist and visual poster boy hide (yes, that’s supposed to be a small “h”) shuffled off this mortal coil, but his spirit lives on at a small store in Harajuku. Recently refurbished, LEMONed acts as a shrine to the (tortured) genius of the musician better known to his mom as Hideto Matsumoto. Stock up on Day-Glo clothing and accessories designed by the man himself, get hide-related CDs and DVDs, and — if you’re feeling really flush — invest in a customized Fernandes Burny electric guitar (just like he used to use), and really live the rock star dream. (Metropolis)

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Should we pronounce "hide" like in "To hide" in english, or "hi-de" in japanese?

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It's pronounced hi-de. I liked his solo work, he wasn't a cookie-cutter musician like so many others. The band he played with towards the end of his life had an interesting name. I'm sure he fully understood the meaning. Does anyone know where all the money made off of his name goes? I'm sure it's in the millions of dollars.

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I have no idea. They used to have a museum for him here in Yokosuka. Every year around the same time, all these people would dress up and have pink or whatever color hair and go there. I guess it was on the day he passed, but it was freaky the first time I saw it. Everyone looked all depressed.

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hide was definitely cool, it's good that he still has a following 10 years after his death.

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