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Thermometer measures temperature in 20 seconds


This new thermometer from Terumo determines the body temperature in 20 seconds, and comes with improved functions that estimate the body temperature 10 minutes after the initial measurement. Modifications have been made to the design and tone that indicates completion of measurement for easier use by the elderly.

The new product precisely estimates the rise in temperature of the body part being measured. The software has been upgraded to eliminate the problem of inaccuracy with fast-reading thermometers. The side of the unit has indentations for a better grip, while the beeping tone alternates between high and low pitches, making it easier for the elderly to hear.

Price: 2,625 yen.

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I mean, I think I've seen ear thermometers that work much faster than 20 seconds back home. Why is this news, and why is it treated like a good product. It's like saying, we just created a car that can go 110 km/h.

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Ok, so what? Are we supposed to toss out the model that takes 25 seconds or 30 seconds and replace it with this one? I mean if you are sick but well enough to take your own temperature are you really in that big of a hurry?

With resources and the enviroment in trouble we have to stop this cycle of making products osbolete, at least in media, just beause a new one has a 1% increase in something over the past model.

Save resources and keep using your existing one. If you need a new one because the old one is broken or you don't have one, then buy it.

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Welcome to the 1990's

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Why is this news, and why is it treated like a good product.

It's news in a country that still measures body temperature by sticking the thermometer in your armpit...

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Heck, I'm going to get one of these, my thermometer takes more than 3 minutes.

USNinJapan - Well, where are you supposed to stick the thermometer if not your armpit? Under your tongue, right? I hate doing that, it feels strange. The armpit's better. Or ...

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Oh no! I'm behind the technology curve and my old 30 second thermometer is obselete!!! I must run out and buy one of these or risk being unfashionable when I'm sick... oh wait, I already don't look my best when I'm sick so no worries.

Seriously though, if you have an infant it means restraining them for 30% less time while you try and get a clear reading, which is a plus, it's why I opted for the 30 second thermometer. As for the ear thermometers we found them quite unreliable and normally you had to take two or three readings and average them, plus you have to change the nozzle every couple of times which is difficult because the pharmacies tend to change the brand every couple of months so you can no longer get the nozzle covers for your old brand and have to buy a new one.

Keep going chaps. I want one that gives an accurate temperature from half a meter away in under 10 seconds, that way I don't have to engage in "toddler wrestling" to take the baby's temperature. ... toddlers bite.

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Geez, it's a better product for a cheap price. Don't have to get all worked up about it. Why does everyone on this site always have a bad day? Must be unemployed.

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Bicultureal. Gainfully employed, just tired of everything having to be updated every few weeks for something "bigger", "better", "faster" etc...

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My Mother used the back of her hand in 5 secs for fever check and my Dad did it in 1 however his wasnt for temp check.... yep this gadget is about 1990....the year.

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Why is this news???????? There are already other japanese brand units that do this in 8 sec. I have one.

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my2sense at 11:21 PM - Har!

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The only use I can see for this is when you have to take the temperature of a wriggling screaming baby.

Digital ear thermometers are useless. I used it once 3 times - 3 completely different readings.

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