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These eco-friendly bags come stuffed inside sleeping animal plushies

By Connie Sceaphierde, grape Japan

Have you ever gone to the shop and then realized when you got to the checkout that you would need a bag the size of a whale to carry it back home with you? These animal eco-friendly shopping bags give you a helping hand so that you can get your shopping done quickly and efficiently.

The new eco bags come in an adorable pouch that resembles a sleeping animal from the Kamukamus animal plushie range.

Each of the pouches come with a keyring so that they can be attached to your day pack. When you want your eco-bag, simply unclip the snap button holding the animal's mouth together and pull out an eco-bag covered with a repeating printed pattern of your favourite animal.

With the Kamukamus eco-bag, you can be ready for your day, whether you’re headed for school, the supermarket or to the office. And when you’re not using the bag, simply tuck it back inside your animal plushie pouch’s ‘mouth’ and imagine you are carrying around a sleeping pet.

The Kamukamus eco-bag comes in five sleeping animal designs;

Manta Ray [Crocodile]( [Hippopotamus]( [Whale Shark]( Great White Shark

Fill up your day pack with all five and be extra prepared for last minute shopping trips. Each bag costs 1,650 yen and can be purchased online from character goods store, PERFECT WORLD TOKYO. See the full collection and more sleeping animals in the Kamukamus range here.



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