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This could be your dream home – if you’re a goldfish


If you were a fish, wouldn’t you want to be able to swim around the world? Well, any fish in this stunningly artistic fishbowl designed by Takuro Yamamoto Architects can travel the world – or at least appear as if they are to anyone looking at the fish. The “fishbowl” actually isn’t shaped like a bowl at all, but you have to admit that the design is definitely eye-catching. It’s as if the container and fish together form a living work of art! Forget fancy fish tanks with all the high-tech accoutrements. Could this fishbowl (or fish tank or aquarium or whatever else it may be appropriate to call it), with its simplistic yet exquisite design, be a fish’s dream home?

The unique fishbowl, called the “World Trip” aquarium, is actually a design that was submitted to designboom’s 2012 TIFF Award and made the competition shortlist. The design involves recreating a world map inside the container using clear synthetic acrylic resin. Takuro Yamamoto describes the creation as a “glass goldfish basin” that lets your goldfish enjoy a world-wide trip of adventure.

So, where can you get one of these? Well, the answer unfortunately is that you can’t, because the World Trip aquarium is only a conceptual design, and not an actual product. So much for the dream goldfish residence. But we hope it may be made available as a product in the future, as the goldfish swimming inside the world map truly looks visually amazing, not to mention what a wonderful and stylish present it would make.

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I'm no fish expert, but I think this design is for the people who own the fish, not the fish themselves. I believe that fish would feel less stressed out if the setting was more natural.

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I'd think it's too shallow to be practical. I don't see any openings in the continents, it would seem that the water in them would not circulate. It is pretty though.

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@Himajin... there can't be any openings on the land... fish can't swim on land.. that would look funny

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Shows what can be done when you think outside of the tank.

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So, what does it cost and where can I get one????????

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Goldfish are one of the messiest fish out there, they require constant cleaning.

Goldfish could NOT live in this.

Unless you want them to starve, suffocate, and litter your oceans with tons of waste.

Wait... that would make it more realistic then...

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there can't be any openings on the land... fish can't swim on land.. that would look funny

I meant holes for water circulation, not big enough for the fish to get through :-)

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Am I getting crazy or what? Because of this

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