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Tie cools down your body


Those who have ever visited Japan in the summer time know how brutal it is. Many Japanese salarymen have to put on a tie even in the hottest month of August.

So, we would like to recommend the USB Necktie Cooler 3 released by Thanko. It looks like a regular tie at first sight. However, you can pull the knot down and a fan shows up. Once you connect the tie to your PC’s USB port with the accompanying USB cable, the fan starts running and cooling down your neck area.

With a portable battery (sold separately), you can run the fan anywhere and anytime without a PC.

Price: 2,980 yen (including tax) Size: 480 x 95 x 24mm (tie part) Weight: 120g Power source: USB bus power Accessory: USB cable

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Or, you could just dispense with a necktie altogether and leave your collar open, which will probably be even cooler.

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strange invention.

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I like the idea and think it's on the right track, but doubt it will work very well. I'm still waiting for my air-conditioned suit!!

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I thought the 'cool japan' campaign discourages ties

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LOL! "Cool!" ;) But..., I don't want one. I imagine that if you are plugged in and forget and walk away from your PC you'd have a bit of trouble!! :)

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Possibly the dumbest invention in history. I blame the French, though that may be slightly unfair.

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