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Tired of chocolate? Try celebrating Valentine’s Day with … tofu

By Kay, SoraNews24

Japan has made it a tradition to go crazy for chocolate during Valentine’s season. But if your significant other isn’t particularly fond of chocolates or simply tired of the sweet (although such a condition is hard to imagine for this writer), what should you get? Well, how about a tofu product designed specifically for Valentine’s?

Yes, tofu! And we’re not talking about the standard white kind, either. These just may be the most eye-catching tofu we’ve ever seen!

▼ Even the package is cute.


The Valentine’s tofu is being offered by Japanese soy product manufacturer Yamaki Jozo through its specialty tofu factory Tōan, and comes in two flavors.

The first is a beet-flavored tofu containing red beet, which gives the tofu a vibrant pink color. Having it simply with a dash of salt should enhance the flavor of soy and the subtle sweetness of the red beet.


They also recommend having it with salt and Japanese green onions, or for something more creative and dessert-like, you can try mixing it with granola-type cereal.


We haven’t tried the tofu ourselves, but the red beet certainly makes it sound healthy!

The second flavor they have is — you guessed it — chocolate. It contains Belgian chocolate, but they’ve made sure not to make it too sweet.


You can try it with roasted walnuts on top, or they also recommend removing some of the moisture from the tofu and mixing it with raisins and nuts. Yup, that sounds like a good idea for a guilt-free (but chocolate-flavored) snack.


They sell the tofu as a set of the two flavors, perfectly gift-wrapped for Valentine’s Day. But hey, there’s no rule against buying it for yourself, is there?


Yamaki Jozo are now taking orders for the Valentine’s Tofu by phone or on their online shop for 640 yen a set, with shipment scheduled for Feb 5 (for orders placed by Feb 5) and Feb 13 (for orders placed by noon on February 10). They’ll also be selling the tofu at their cafe and shop Kojian from Feb 8 to 14.

Source: @Press, Yamaki Jozo online shop

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Extremely expensive for tofu...

1 ( +1 / -0 )

I feel sorry for any guy who gets ( I should say receives, as some may take "gets" as buys it for his love ) this for Valentine's Day.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

if your significant other isn’t particularly fond of chocolates

Someone not particularly fond of chocolate is as likely to become my significant other as a dog-hater would be. 0%. We live in different worlds, breathe different air.

Tired of chocolate?

"Why, Sir, you find no person, at all intellectual, who is tired of chocolate. No, Sir, when a person is tired of chocolate, s/he is tired of life; for there is in chocolate all that life can afford.", as Dr. Johnson once said. Or something on those lines

That said, the tofu looks interesting, I'd like to try it.

Invalid CSRF

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Replacing chocolate with tofu is even more disgusting.

next time it will be replaced with sushi, nori, konyaku???

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Replacing chocolate with tofu is even more disgusting.

next time it will be replaced with sushi, nori, konyaku???

Oops! You forgot bean paste, miso and shoyu. Oh yes, and what about squid-something? Heck! Let's obliterate everything about Valentine's Day chocolate and make it Japanese. I mean, didn't they invent it in the first place? Shouldn't they be able to make it "theirs" as they have with everything else from the Chinese characters, Korean pottery and German tech?

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

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