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To eat or to play? Do both with 'somen' noodle slider

By Richard Simmonds, SoraNews24

In Japan, for every season and every moment there are noodles, called men in Japanese, to match. From hot, delicious ramen, the spicy sesame-ness of tantanmen, cold Korean-style reimen, dipping tsukemen, to the ladies’ (or for that matter some men’s) choice, and my personal favourite, shime ramen, or ramen at the end of a night of drinking – only slightly more refined than the UK equivalent of a greasy kebab at three in the morning.

So in summer, as the temperature rises, Japanese people flock to places where they can eat cool, refreshing nagashi somen (flowing somen noodles), by attempting to catch them as they fly past along tubes in a stream of water.

But now, thanks to something which looks like the marble madness toys of my childhood, it’s possible to slurp down the re-hydrating deliciousness from the safety, and possibly superior hygiene, of your own home. Based on the kind of flumes you might find in a particularly fancy water park, the video assures us it is so exciting that even whales, sharks and party-hat-wearing foreigners are thrilled by the notion.

At 73 centimeters tall and with 500 centimeters of slide, your noodles will have the time of their lives before being eaten. It also features a special ice tray to make ice characters, so your noodles will keep cool as they fall, or slippy-slide, to their inevitable devoured doom.

The somen slider is available to buy from the Takara Tomy Mall website for 18,144 yen.

Source: Takara Tomy Mall

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I hope it sells...

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That is the Deluxe version, smaller/cheaper model is also offered.

Not worth the $200 imo.

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Still got my old USB powered somen carousel. Used it 3 times.

Novelty wears off fast.

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