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Tokyo Banana and Winnie the Pooh crossover confections are cutest Tokyo souvenirs

By grape Japan

Souvenirs, or omiyage, are a big deal in Japan, and every area has their own specialties and famous treats that can be easily picked up in gift shops, train stations, and airports.

For Tokyo, their most famous souvenir confection is ‘Tokyo Banana’. These are banana-flavored, cream-filled cakes that are shaped like bananas. Apart from this classic and beloved version, there’s also been plenty of awesome limited edition Tokyo Bananas and cool crossovers.


Recently, the brand has been collaborating with famous companies to create adorable character-inspired sweets featuring Pokemon and Disney characters. The latest release features another recognizable face from Disney, Winnie the Pooh.


These fluffy sponge cakes have a milk cream and honey custard cream filling inside, inspired by Winnie the Pooh’s favorite food.


These super cute cakes even show the adorable bear with four different expressions.


Each box of eight cakes comes with a commemorative postcard featuring Winnie the Pooh and his friends.


Normally you’d have to take a trip to a certain area to bag some omiyage, but luckily, these cute treats are being sold online.

But if you do happen to be in Tokyo, they can also be picked up at JR Tokyo Station until stocks run out.

Source: PR Times

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Much prefer the E. H. Shepard illustrations to the saccharine Disney version.

The cake probably tastes nice if you like sweet things.

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Nobody own Pooh no more,he a free agent,

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Someone needs to send a few boxes to Jinping. I am positive he would get a kick out of them and enjoy sharing them with guests.

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A massive waste of money!

How is it that the essence of Tokyo can be expressed in a banana cake?

After visiting Japan’s most expensive city, do people still expect to take home these odes to banality?

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

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