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Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are getting their own exclusive Pocky

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

With Japan’s unabashed love of cute character merchandise, for many Disney fans Tokyo Disneyland’s shops are as much of an attraction as the theme park’s rides and shows. The newest item that’s getting people’s attention, though, isn’t a Tokyo Disneyland-unique plushie or accessory, but an exclusive type of Pocky.

Yes, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are getting their own special version of the beloved chocolate-covered pretzel sticks from Japanese candy maker Glico. While there’s no shortage of seasonal or location-limited Pocky flavors, these appear to be the standard milk chocolate version, and what makes them special is their shape. Though the chocolate-covered part initially looks like the familiar Pocky cylinder, but take a bite and you’ll see that the pretzel core is shaped like a Mickey Mouse silhouette.

The Mickey shape is immediately evident at the non-coated base, and experienced Pocky fans with a sommelier-like level of palate attunement might find that the difference in chocolate-to-pretzel ratio between the Tokyo Disney Resort Pocky (as it’s being called) and regular Pocky makes for a subtly different taste and texture. But you don’t need to have eaten a single Pocky stick in your life to get a smile from how cute it looks.

That cuteness does come at a price, though, as the 15-stick Disney Pocky pack is priced at 1,400 yen (US$12.30), considerably more than normal, non-Mickey-fied Pocky costs. At 18 centimeters, the Disney Pocky are a little over four centimeters longer than the standard version. They also come individually wrapped, making them easy to distribute as souvenir snacks to friends or coworkers (since in Japan, bringing back some munchies for your officemates when you go on a trip is considered good manners).

Reactions from Japanese Twitter users have been mixed between those sold on the Micky sticks’ cuteness and those sputtering like an upset Donald Duck at their price.

“I totally wanna buy these!”

“It’s like a hidden Mickey inside your Pretz!”

“These are so cute it’s almost criminal, and I want to run straight to Disneyland and pick some up!”

“I’d be so happy if someone gave these to me as a souvenir.”

“That’s some bold pricing there.”

“Are they serious? That’s almost a hundred yen per stick.”

The Disney Pocky go on sale December 1, and can be found inside Tokyo Disneyland at the World Bazaar Confectionery candy shop, and inside Tokyo Disney Sea at Valentina’s Sweets, and can also be purchased through the Tokyo Disney Resort app.

Sources: Tokyo Disney Resort via IT MediaTwitterAll Guide

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The cuteness might be ‘criminal’ but the price certainly is!

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Not sure what the obession all about its just a chocolate coated stick made of flour haha. I can live without that stuff.

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