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Tough wireless speaker for outdoor use


Drip-proof, dustproof, shockproof, and low/high temperature resistant, Panasonic's new Bluetooth compliant speaker SC-NT10 is the perfect speaker for outdoor use. It has Boost Mode to make people hear the sound easily outside, and DSP control XBS Master built-in to create high-quality bass sound.

Since it's compatible with NFC, you can pair up Bluetooth compliant devices with SC-NT10 quickly.

Release date: October 18 Size: W120mm×H53.8mm×L120mm Weight: 330g Color: Orange, Blue Price: About 17,000 yen

Source: AkihabaraNews

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The very LAST thing we need or want... just more noise pollution!

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The perfect speaker for outdoor use is a set of headphones. Why people figure I want to hear their music being played loudly is beyond me.

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Simon Says urusai!

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Well in a house or a big condo this is a really cool product! I want two for BBQ parties!

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Doubles as a frisbee.

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