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Transform your style with this Ditto necklace

By Toby M, grape Japan

Japanese jeweler U-Treasure painstakingly crafts eye-catching Pokemon necklaces that ensure everyone will Peek at chu.

There’s many sparkling Pokemon pendants to choose from already, and the latest is sure to transform your look like no other.

So who’s that Pokemon? It’s Ditto! U-Treasure is bringing the shape shifting Pokémon to jewelry form yet again for a limited time until July 13.

This Ditto necklace features an almost lifelike Ditto figure made from purple-pink resin, the color of the actual Pokemon. The adorable Poke looks like its scaling the necklace towards you, so the wearer can have the joy of peering down and seeing a smiling Ditto looking back.

This necklace is the ideal gift for anyone hoping to transform themselves through the expressive power of fashion, like a morphing Ditto.


The necklace comes in 3 different materials :

Silver: 17,600 yen (including tax)

Yellow/ Pink Gold: 99,000 yen (including tax)

Platinum: 110,000 yen (including tax)

U-Treasure website

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